PortaCharge Anywhere, Anytime.

Charge your device in minutes with the original PortaCharge portable charger.

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The portable charger for anyone active.

Charge for hours without needing a wall outlet on the go!

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Travel better with a portable charger!

No matter where you’re traveling, you’ll always enjoy a fully charged phone.

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Meet PortaCharge One.

The Original Mini PortaCharge Portable Charger.

PortaCharge was born with an ambitious goal: Never worry about a dead phone at the worst times again! We created a mini power-bank that attaches directly onto your phone to charge your phone at anytime, wherever you are.

Portable Yet Powerful

Get to know PortaCharge One

  • Goes wherever you go.

    This compact lightweight charger is ideal for tucking into a pocket, backpack or purse so you always have a fully charged phone wherever you are. This cordless travel charger is perfect for anyone's active day.

  • Simple and completely wireless.

    The simple snap-on operation makes this portable charger quick and easy to use. No longer deal with messy cords, annoying bulky power-banks or rushing to find a wall outlet when your phone hits that dreaded 1%.

  • Small but powerful.

    This powerful battery-operated charger comes equipped with it's premium Grade-A 2,600 mAh Lithium Ion battery. Simply charge via it's USB port before initial use, then magnetically attach to your phone and enjoy a 50-75% charge on most phones!

  • Durable and built to last.

    Made from only the highest-quality materials, featuring a durable iron magnet for optimal hold and a 2600 mAh non-recycled lithium ion battery for life-saving charges, this powerful phone charger is no joke.

Meet Our Customers

Absolutely love your support team. I had a response in just a few hours helping me successfully track my order. Very friendly, fast, and actually helpful :)

Wow, free shipping that actually only took 4 days to arrive as advertised! I'm very satisfied with your company and will definitely purchase again. Be back soon!

Best portable charger I've ever purchased. No wires, tangles, or mess. So easy to carry with me and snap onto my phone whenever I need a quick charge. 

Since I have an iPhone XS Max, I bought 2 PortaChargers to make sure I keep my battery charged through the whole day. Absolutely love the product!

Each PortaCharge charges my iPhone X like 75%, so I carry a few with me at a time. I'm almost never at home or by a power outlet, very convenient charging!

I work in real estate so I'm out showing listings almost all day. The PortaCharge saved me from having to leave my phone sitting in my car to charge at work!