Hi and thanks for clicking on the text I sent you,

I wanted to reach out to let you know that if you have not yet received your PortaCharge order, it will be arriving very soon. More specifically, this month within the next 2-4 weeks. We recently signed a lease to get our own warehouse space to expand our small family business and to keep up with the demand for our PortaCharge chargers. However, this move has taken much longer than I originally expected and it caused us to fall behind with a backlog of orders. I feel really bad if this affected your order, and if this caused you to be waiting longer than expected. We almost have all of our inventory and supplies moved into our new warehouse space. We will be working hard this month as a family to catch up on every single backlogged order that has not yet been shipped out!

I am sincerely sorry for this delay you experienced, and to help get your chargers to you ASAP, I will be upgrading your package to the fastest shipping option USPS offers at no extra cost to you. I feel it is only right for me to do this for you, as you have already been waiting a long frustrating time. I also want to offer you a completely free $20 gift card on me, to further help make up for this situation you had to experience. If you accept this free gift card offer, please send us a separate email over to support@portacharge.com and let us know that you are accepting the complimentary $20 gift card offered by Richard. We will then send you over your gift card and its code in a separate confidential email thread.

Recently we have been receiving a lot of "below expectations" feedback on Facebook for this delay, and it has been greatly hurting our small family business. We have been working hard and trying our best with every one of our family members helping to catch up on these backorders and this unexpected delay.

If it is possible, I would like to kindly ask that before leaving us a "below expectations" bad rating on our Facebook survey, you please consider to give us a chance to help make things right with you and help meet or exceed your expectations to the best of our ability. All we are asking for is at least a chance to help make it right with you as our customer, to possibly help improve your experience you had with us before you proceed to leave Facebook feedback.

I once again am greatly sorry for this delay, and we are trying our best together as a family to catch up on these backlogged orders. Once caught up, we should never experience any delay like this again, and will be shipping all future orders out the day they are placed from our first ever own warehouse!! Thank you so much for supporting our family by choosing PortaCharge, and I hope I can make things right with you and get you charging in no time 🙂

Best regards,
Richard from PortaCharge